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Political problem between United States and China

The trade conflict between the United States and China outweighs the numbers. What is at stake is a major political problem between the two giants, though no leader has the courage to admit it, especially at a time when relations appear to be normalized.

One of the main merits of the current US President was the reconquest of Beijing's confidence, especially after the 2016 election campaign. Trump chose Chinese economic growth as the main threat to the development of the interior of the United States. Curiously it was in the Midwest that the campaign was decided in favor of the Republican candidate.

Negotiations between the two powers can be resumed, even with threats from both sides, but the political split will be inevitable. The US leader will be responsible for destroying what he has attempted to build, and the Obama administration has been largely responsible for rebuilding the dialogue with China.

The constant American attacks against the main enemies are not new, although the tone had increased since the beginning of the present presidency. Because of this there can be personal resentments that will be reflected in institutional relations. Trump does not think for a second that the wounds of language and abrupt change of attitude will have to be healed by another Head of State.

The ignorance or lack of acceptance that the United States has overtaken by the other powers has been one of Trump's main problems.

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