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Political scenarios for Trump after the Midterms

The Republican hypothesis being the main defeated in the upcoming elections because of the policies of Donald Trump has greatly diminished.

The Midterms will be a great test of the President's two-year term, although it will not be decisive in a possible re-nomination. Donald Trump will start the election campaign with more or less strength depending on what happens within a month.

In my opinion, the electoral process has a greater importance for the eventual candidates against the President in the primaries. A good result of the party means to keep the House of Representatives and the Senate, and the conquest of one of them is also a positive situation. The loss of the two chambers represents the total failure of all, but obviously the finger will be pointed to the White House.

In case the first hypothesis happens, Trump reinforces the power like Head of State, but also within the republican establishment. At the moment, the most important thing is to ensure total dominance in the party because it can avoid a rain of competitors in the Republican primaries. However, regardless of the number of opponents, I believe the President has the win guaranteed.

If he can carry out the entire course in the first phase of the elections without opponents, he forces the rest of the party to participate in the campaign, which did not happen in 2016, even after confirming the appointment in the Convention. The union image offers more chances for victory, though it was not enough for Democrats to maintain power in the White House.

The downfall in the Democratic Party is another factor that favors a good result for Republicans in next month's elections. It is striking how the Democrats did not take advantage of the wave of criticism of the President from all sectors of American society, including the media, in addition to receiving aid from abroad.

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