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Trump mistakes on foreign policy

In recent weeks President Trump has carried out attacks against several countries to show that the United States has once again become a competent military force.
The threats of the new American leader also serve to prevent any country from leaving the ranch, where it has been hidden for years, especially during the term of Barack Obama.

The new US foreign policy is based on the use of force, without the need for several warnings.

The Bashar al-Assad regime has not had time to breathe, North Korea can not threaten again and Iran will hardly be a friend of the United States in the region because Trump prefers to put them in a corner than to try to negotiate.

Syria and North Korea have never had the chance to reach out to Barack Obama, but the two have always been targeted for surveillance, although they are always free to launch chemical attacks and nuclear missiles. Because of loose US diplomacy, Damascus and Pyongyang may be on the verge of making the world more dangerous.

The relationship with Iran is quite different.

The efforts of Obama and other countries to contain the Iranian nuclear threat have resulted in a good deal for the world, as well as an ally in the Middle East. Relations between the two countries began to be healthier. If Trump succeeds in destroying Obama's good diplomacy he makes a huge mistake, turning Iran into a new threat.

Recent events have put aside US concerns about China. At the moment, Beijing has to be an ally to contain North Korean intentions.

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