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High level of unpopularity

Donald Trump's levels of unpopularity are abnormal given that it has only been six months since taking office as President of the United States.

The wars that the head of state bought with the press and to some extent also with Republicans affect the image of a leader who is intended to be safe. However, any connections to Russia do not fall well with the US constituency that considers Moscow as the main enemy.

In a short time, Trump rarely achieved unanimity among the people in the political decisions he makes. The problem is not solely in governance, but in the way it presents the White House into and out of the United States. The constant messages on Twitter is not the best way for a president to communicate, especially if he wants to get conflicts with other characters because it is difficult to understand the meaning of words.

You can not do full scrutiny just for tweets.

I do not believe in a recovery of the presidential image among people, even if it wins a victory in 2020, because there is hardly any change in style. However, Trump is gaining ground to move behind the scenes of US politics. The lack of criticism of the Democrats shows he knows how to manage the files. Right now, it's important to hold Republicans to account.

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