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New mistake from Trump

The new US Head of State has decided to end diplomatic relations with Cuba. Trump's blackmail in calling for political reforms in the country in exchange for US support will never be a good political move, especially if we take into account the admiration of the Cuban people for the regime initiated by Fidel Castro.

The president thinks he does the world a favor if he demands political changes in Havana, but knows full well that he can hardly get results, even though Castro has announced that he will leave in February 2018. The environment caused by the US administration may provoke an uprising in Cuba , To the point of having an enemy similar to Kim Jong-un closer to the border with the United States. The reaction of the leaders of the South American countries is a negative indicator that will cause more negative feelings against Washington.

Trump's supporters may argue that the president is keeping the promises, but they should not have the courage to say he's acting on behalf of the United States.

The resumption of relations between the United States and Cuba was positive in economic and political terms. The effort of Pope Francis I to join the two former enemies ends up being thrown into the trash as a matter of meddling in internal affairs. I do not even point out US support to large totalitarian regimes.

There is no consistency in US foreign policy. There is no set course, but a willingness to tear commitments and end the good work just because we talked about it in the election campaign. Donald Trump thinks little of how the United States can help maintain the current international order.

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