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Trump´s speech to Congress

A speech similar to that of the inauguration make of Trump a bad orator, very different from Barack Obama.

The new President will never be known for the oratory skills, but for the nationalism with which he brought to the political discourse. Repetition of protectionism, security and respect for the law will make the United States an authoritarian country under the presidency of Trump. There will be no room for error or second chances, particularly for immigrants.

The message to Congress confirms that Trump will keep the electoral promises, perhaps reinforce some measures that were not envisaged during the campaign, raising concern in the party itself and the opposition.

The first message from the head of state is simple. The priority is to increase employment in the United States and protect US citizens from foreign companies and illegal immigrants. The way to achieve the goal is to prevent the entry of companies or people who threaten the well-being of the citizen, or that it is necessary to resort to force and authority.

This has been the main message within the United States, but also for all those who meddle in the internal affairs of the country. There will be no compromise, even if Congress rejects laws, the media makes noise, or the remaining world leaders continue to ignore the changes in the White House.

The first step to making America big again is definitely given.

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