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First neck to neck between Trump and Europe

Trump's first international trip aims to find points of agreement between the United States and the various countries visited by the President, but also show the differences that separates the current administration of Barack Obama.

The choice of places to visit makes some sense considering the troubled moment in the world, and the United States has interests in these places.

The visit to Israel turns out to be the most relevant moment because also because of the Israeli-Palestinian issue there is a conflict between the West and the Middle East. The most abrupt change from a previous US administration to the new administration took place in the defense of Israeli interests. Obama defended two states, while Trump wants to impose a solution on the Palestinians.

Trump's first presence in Europe due to NATO and G7 meetings is a test of the ability of European leaders to know how to get a leader they criticized for a long time, even to the point of questioning democratic legitimacy. This is not a summit between the United States and Europe, but the importance of several European countries in both organizations is a sign of the first disagreements with Washington, especially in the financing of the Atlantic organization.

European leaders will get a first impression of Trump and US requirements, but also realize the direction of the United Kingdom. The old alliance can begin to build something together, leaving out France and Germany.

After confirmation of support for Israel, everyone awaits Trump's first attack on Europe.

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