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Estrategy of Theresa May for 2019

The call for early elections by Theresa May did not only serve to give a secure mandate to the winner in the negotiations for the exit from the United Kingdom of the European Union. What was at issue was also the political legitimacy of David Cameron's successor.

The prime minister could not coexist with the opposition always asking for early elections, reason why, anticipated to the noise and decided to go to the game without fear. The end result is not brilliant, but it ensures the maintenance of the conservatives in power backed by a party that does not even want to go to the government nor does it require changes to the direction defined in the manifesto.

Under these conditions, Theresa May has carte blanche to secure the "hard-brexit" desired by the most Eurosceptic conservatives and by the majority of the population because she won the victory, in contrast to the will of the opposition to be close to the European Union. Given that the interests of the United Kingdom will be the priority of the new executive, any agreement will be accepted by the population, although criticized by the opposition.

The prime minister leads a minority government, but continues with a majority in parliament, although supported by two parties.

What changes is the strength of the executive and of the majority because the opposition continues to be minority. Despite the good result achieved by the Labor Party, Jeremy Corbyn will face a new internal election. Liberal Democrats have grown, but they still have few MPs and the UKIP has disappeared from parliament. On the other hand, the Scottish nationalists lost the strength to demand a further referendum. The four largest opposition parties do not even reach the number of Conservative deputies. The only novelty is the strength of some Northern Ireland forces in Wales.

May's strategy is to call for new elections in 2019 following the United Kingdom's exit from the European Union. The agreement will see the Conservatives win back the absolute majority to start a new path in the UK without the laws coming from Brussels. Only for this reason could Theresa May risk being prime minister without internal stability and having to confront the European powers practically alo

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