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Conservative annihilate opposition partys

The anticipation of the legislative proposals proposed by Theresa May is an excellent political move that is not only related to obtaining stability during the negotiations for the exit of the United Kingdom from the European Union.

May's purpose is also to annihilate domestic opponents, particularly the leader of the Labor Party. A defeat of Jeremy Corbyn in June means a new shift in labor leadership and a return to square one. In the other party there are also possible sequels. Scottish nationalists may forget to hold a second referendum on Scotland's independence if they got a bad result at Westminster. For its part, the UKIP will no longer be seen as a party of Eurosceptics to embrace internal causes, which may have electoral consequences.

The most important thing for the head of government is to strengthen the power of the conservatives, who dominate the polls. The absolute triumph guarantees the implementation of a policy for the country in the coming years, keeping what has been done since 2010, but without the presence of the European Union.

In the last ten years, the Conservatives have strengthened the vote, reducing the influence of the opposition. Now they can be freer to implement the policies they want because they are not restricted to the Brussels orders.

May's strategy resulted in Margaret Thachter in 1983. Almost thirty years later she can be successful again.

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