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Brexit gives advantage to Conservatives

The exit from the United Kingdom of the European Union is the main theme of the next legislative elections.

The political parties try to find solutions for the exit or even defend the maintenance to conquer the electorate. No party force has the magic wand, especially to predict what will happen to the economy, immigrants, and political and trade relations with other countries.

In the campaign for the referendum, Conservatives and Labor were the most divided parties between Brexit and Remain, with the former having divisions in government. The freedom of ministers to campaign on either side was one of Cameron's great decisions.

A year after popular scrutiny, the Conservatives teamed around what is best for the UK, while Labor remains divided, not only in relation to Brexit, but also to the leadership of Jeremy Corbyn.

In the first days of the campaign, one notices the executive's intention, but no one knows the true position of the main opposition party. The other parties also defined the option well. Liberals-Democrats and Scottish nationalists want the UK to remain in the European Union.

The Labor Party will have to find a way to speak with one voice about Brexit because any carelessness will be exploited by the media and the opposition. Labor can defend Brexit, though with different ideas about conservatives. For example, in immigration they are at the front line to fight for the rights of citizens of the European Union in the United Kingdom. This may be a good slogan for the offspring of "European" parents who may already vote, but do not win British voters.

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