segunda-feira, 31 de janeiro de 2011

Sputnik of Obama

In the State of Union speech ( in Portugal some journalists call this speech the State of the Nation, but USA is a Union......), Barack Obama gave the run to the space against Soviet Union the perfect example to face the new challenge : the economic power.
As we know, President of China was in USA last week. After talk with Hu Jintao, the US President wanted to alert the american citizens and enterprises are losing influence to other countrys such India and China.
It is not a coincidence that some european countries such as Portugal are trying sell the public debt to countries like Qatar, China and Japan. In fact, Europe and United States are losing power. The Emergents 7 have a strong economic and in the future, their influence in political decision will be bigger than the West.

Some people say that Obama had failed in foreign policy, but i don´t think because he achieved important agreements with Russia and USA will leave Afghanistan an Iraq.

But, in this race with China, States will lose. And so Europe!

And, as he will face an hostile Congress when he wants make budget cuts and public investiment? maybe if he ask help to China......

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daga disse...

well, the "dragon" has been reawakened! China is on its way to international power... I don't know if it's wise to trust it :s

expressodalinha disse...

Deixa de haver "faróis" económicos. Isso tem vantagens, nomeadamente democráticas. Os States vão perder a hegemonia. Tudo muda.

Francisco Castelo Branco disse...

Quem diria...
resta saber tambem no plano politico vai acontecer..

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