quinta-feira, 25 de novembro de 2010

Lifetime in Istambul...

In İstanbul, all parts have a different character, you can feel it even at your first step. In Istanbul my favourite place is Fenerbahce, so I start with it. Yes, Fenerbahçe is also the name of my favourite football club, the team takes its name from the place. I prefer to go to Fenerbahçe when I wanna have breakfast or get a walk in the park or have tea or cofee with friends. Also, Fenerbahce Stadium is placed there, so two colours are dominant in Fenerbahçe, yellow and dark blue (the colours of the football club)

This year I was there when Fenerbahçe was playing the last game to get the championship. It was great view, yes, hundreds of people were togehter, watching the game from giant screens which were set in the streets, yelling, enjoying. But, the nightmare turned true and Fenerbahce lost the game and the championship as well. It’s terrible to remember even now!

The other favourite place of mine is Bebek. Bebek is a place that you can view all Boshporus. You can have breakfast or cofee by seeing great view there. But Bebek is more popular at nights, Bebek means İstanbul Night Life to us J The famous clubs are placed there. You can have your supper and dance there, but I should warn you that those clubs are quite expensive. (they are worth it, anyway!) We have our birthday celebrations in those clubs and really anjoy a lot!
And Taksim.. Actually I don’t like this place so much but most of my friends spend their Friday or Saturday nights here and enjoy a lot. I should admit that Taksim is a beautiful place, especially in Winter, when it snows. In those times, the view is really amazing, I don’t know why but I find it romantic as well. When you are in Taksim, even walking is not easy because of the people, it’s so crowded. You can see all kind of people here. Tourists with their cameras and curious eyes, students with their book under their arms, families and couples hand in hand.. In Taksim, there is a street which is named “Asmalı Mescid” and comprised from really good pubs. My Taksim-lover friends spend their night in this street drinking beer. I tried to join them a few times, but this is not my style to enjoy.

text of Aysegul Durmus..

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Rafeiro Perfumado disse...

Estou a começar a ficar com muita curiosidade em conhecer a Turquia!

Transplanted Lawyer disse...

Você tem as fotografias destes locais que você pode postar?

Bu yer-ebilmek sen posta herhangi bir fotoğraf var mı?

Francisco Castelo Branco disse...

I have.

but i can´t download

I will ask her to send me by facebook

then i published in a different post

aysegul disse...

I don't know how to answer your comments but I can write here.

@Transplanted Lawyer
As I understand, you ask for photos? I can send them to you..

Thanks a lot for publisihng this.

Kisses from Istanbul

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