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What About South Africa?

Questions about South Africa:

Do you think South Africa have an important role in the development of Continent? If yes, in what circunstances?

Karin Van Rhyn: Yeah, South Africa is one of the African country’s that are most westernized, but if our government don’t lay there cards right we are heading in the same direction as the rest of Africa.

Is Nelson Mandela a hero for you? If yes, why?

Karin Van Rhyn: Yes, of course he gave a big part of his live, so that many of my black can have the same opportunities as the rest of the whites, but then again these day things just flipped with the black empowerment.

What are the main characteristics of the South African people?

Karin Van Rhyn : I cant say There’s so many culture’s and one can´t generalize.

Do you think the World Cup is a big opportunity to improve the image that SA is not a unsafe place to visit?

Karin Van Rhyn : If your scared your scared… just don’t go to dangerous please (suburbs) or walk down dangerous roads. Nothing has happened to me, and I use public transport and walk around allow. I guess just be save in your attitude. Keep your eyes and ears to the ground. People are still people and I guess nobody is not accident prone.

What are the main challenge that SA will be face after the World Cup?

Karin Van Rhyn : World cup is not the be all and end all… we have problems now and we will still have it afterwards, no need to ignored it now. Infustracture, Transport I guess.

Do you agree with the World Cup? Or you think that SA have more needs to spend money?

Karin Van Rhyn: We’ll I think thy spent to much money on the world cup all ready. The cud have worried about housing for the poor or education ( by the way SA’s Education sector is of the worst in the World) or Health care. Why “sport”?? If you really look at it its absurd. The only people that are capitalizing out of this hall venture are FIFA.

Thanks to Karin, we can have more knowledge about South Africa. It is a honour for us to have the statement of a person like Karin. If you want ask more questions, use the commentary box....

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Being Brazen disse...

Cool questions and Answers

Francisco Castelo Branco disse...

What´s the population of South Africa?

Francisco Castelo Branco disse...

English is the General language?

In some places people speak native?

Gillian disse...

English and AFrikaans and 9 african languages are used in this country.

good interview by the way.

Way to go!!

Francisco Castelo Branco disse...

the people of SA is an image of a leadership of Mandela?

It is in the SA history a Before Mandela and After Mandela?

Anónimo disse...

Is this the type of english you speak and write in SA?
I´m having a hard time understanding what you are trying to say!

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