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South Africa : the first looking

South Africa is a country rich in culture, and has been referred to as the 'rainbow nation', a title which illuminates the country's cultural diversity. The population of South Africa is one of the most complex and diverse in the world with 11 official languages. Of the estimated 45 million South Africans, nearly 31 million are Black, 5 million White, 3 million Coloured and one million Indian. The population density of South Africa is 32.9 people per square kilometre.

with regards to safaris and things to do we have it all! It obviously depends on where you are going to stay in south africa as to what you want to do and what to see but you definintely need to go on safari somewhere in the country. Our country is so large and so beautiful. You will definintely need a car to get around as things are so far apart. Our public transporation system is limited compared to the states and europe. It is imperative that you hire a car when here for the 2010 Soccer World Cup.

Text of Gill Hefer

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Francisco Castelo Branco disse...

Hi Gill
Thanks for the information and the text.

I was surprise. 11 official languages? It too much.. Which they are?
is anyone a native language?

We have a street call Saldanha here in Lisbon

By the way, how many safaris park do you have?

Gillian disse...

Our 11 official languages are:

Most people speak two or three at least.


We have hundreds of safaris parks in South Africa. But one of the largest and most popular is Kruger National Park
which stretches over 7332 square miles or nearly 19 000 square kilometers.

Francisco Castelo Branco disse...

How big it is...

I spoke with some people of Kruger National Park to give us some details about the Park.

How many of that languages are Native?

Francisco Castelo Branco disse...

But the language most spoken is English, right?

Fernanda disse...

Hi Gillian!

Thanks a bunch for all the information given,
I was nor aware of the enormous amount of languages spoken.
I wonder how they manage to understand each other:)))))

Obviously the main language spoken is English, therefore problem solved!!!hopefully:)))

Most enjoyable your text.

Gillian disse...

most of us speak English

Protea disse...

Francisco hi! let me know more about the pictures of SA - we have really a lot of them!
you can write to me on saustin/at/
here you can see some more

Leslie Back disse...

Thank you for your comment on my site, Back Chat. I can see no point in publishing it as it has nothing to do with any of the subject matter.

Leslie Back

Protea disse...

Hi! I did give you my e-mail, you don't need to do to any site - here it is again

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