quarta-feira, 20 de maio de 2009

UK, is another Continent? VII

As we the United Kingdom and Europe are very different. The customs, the way of life, their history and also the people.

United Kingdom, or England was one of the founders of the European Union. This was one of the Churchill´s dream. After the Second World War, England had a importante role on the reconstruction of Europe, and their safety.

That´s why it is strange the nowadays behaviour´s about the European decisions to unify and make the European Space Community.

It is not about the coin. Instead of the British people do not adopt the Euro! Because the Pound is a traditional coin? more powerful? Bu it is complicated and borring, also unsual change money when we want go to the United Kingdom...

Also Schengen is not accepted by the British Government´s. Why? Security reasons? Afraid? It is unsual and also slow. And the passport is bigger than the Identity Card. Every country of Europe adopt Schengen. Is a free space, more quickly and superficial. That´s the reason in Europe we believe in a guarantees freedom of people and goods. Why you not count meters instead of Yards?

One of the biggest examples of the United Kingdom and Ireland are unlike the most of European South, Center and East Europe; is the recently rejection of the Lisbon Treaty by the Irish people. The conservative and traditional rules prevail over the new ideas, changes and modernization.

Seems like the United Kingdom are a little bit alone in the XXI Europe. They drive for the left and the most European Countries to the right. And is not only in the road..... Is in the customs, people, feelings, rules, enviroment.

This is to continue or there will be changes?

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Francisco Castelo Branco disse...

Information : David Cameron says that he want a referendum for the Lisbon Treaty.

Is a sign about who it is written in the post?

expressodalinha disse...

É pá, concordo com tudo, mas não sei escrever inglês. Isso aí ainda é UE? Está está p'ra lá de Schengen?

Francisco Castelo Branco disse...


É UE. Mas não existe Schengen.
Não percebo.
Até no Eurostar é preciso mostrar o passaporte.
É uma fronteira especifica Inglesa.
Se formos de França para Alemanha, Belgica ou Holanda nao precisamos de passar pelo controlo

O pior é que David Cameron disse se ganhar as eleiçoes em outubro quer que o Tratado de Lisboa seja referendado.

Parece-me um país um bocado anti-europeu
Que só pensam nós problemas deles. Individuais e não pensam numa Europa colectiva nem solidária

Daí o Reino Unido estar a perder peso em relação á França e Alemanha, no que a liderança europeia diz respeito. E muito por culpa de Gordon Brown. Nao sei porque, mas o Reino Unido prefere a sua relação com os EUA

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